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Construction of infrastructure construction project in ecotourism area

Guide: bidding content: I. name of the tenderee: Laojunshan forest farm in Luoyang, Henan Province. Address: Junshan East Road, Luanchuan County, Henan Province. 2、 Project content: subgrade and pavement laying of 13.8km mountain access road. 3、 Source of funds: national debt and self financing. 4、 Bidding scope:

bidding content: I. name of the tenderee: Laojunshan forest farm, Luoyang, Henan Province

address: Junshan East Road, Luanchuan County, Henan Province

II. Project content: subgrade and pavement laying of 13.8km mountain access road

III. source of funds: the grinding layer and friction paper of the national debt sample and self financing

IV. bidding scope:

pavement works (concrete) of 13.8km mountain access road, of which: 4.6km of class III Highway,

9.2km of tourist road, which is divided into the following four bid sections:

a. k0+000 - K3 + 000 (including: 22m wide, 220m wide, 400m wide, 7m wide, 2480 meters)

b.k3+000-k5+000 (including: 7 meters wide 660 meters, 6.5 meters wide 1340 meters)

c.k5+000-k9+000 (all roads are 5m wide)

d.k9+000-k13800 (all roads are 5m wide)

v. construction site: Qiliping to Jiuku hall in Laojun Mountain Ecotourism Area, Henan Province

VI. qualification of the bidder:

1. Mandatory requirements: the bid applicant must be an independent legal entity and meet the requirements of the following table:

Enterprise Qualification:

qualification: bid sections a and B are grade III and above qualifications for road or building construction; C. Bid section D has grade 4 or above qualification for road or building construction. Working capital: the working capital available for this project is not less than 300000 yuan/bid section

Project Manager: Qualification: Level 3 or above; Experience: more than 3 years of construction management

2. Non mandatory requirements:

enterprise technical strength, registered capital, financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, etc.) audited by certified public accountants in 2000, quality and duration assurance ability (contracts for similar projects, quality inspection certificates, engineering award certificates, etc.), main management, technical personnel and equipment allocation to be used in this project focus on key issues and core products

the relevant certificates and certificates required above must be provided with the original and copies

interested units, please bring relevant certificates, certificates, business licenses, power of attorney of legal person, enterprise profile, project manager profile and other materials to register according to the above requirements, and you can bid for any bid section below four at the same time

registration time: January 1 to January 6, 2002: 8:: 00

registration address: Laojunshan scenic spot management office, Junshan East Road, Luanchuan County, Henan Province

qualification examination time: January 7, 2002 contact information performance is stable and reliable:

: (0379),

contact person: sunxinxin

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