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In recent years, with the maturity of LED technology, LED light sources with high response, high brightness, low energy consumption and intelligent characteristics have gradually penetrated the automotive lighting market, and are expected to become one of the mainstream light sources of automotive lighting. It is estimated that the global automotive LED lighting market is expected to exceed US $10billion in 2020. Its huge market space and high gross profit margin entice led enterprises to salivate

however, at present, the market share of global lamps is mainly occupied by several major brand enterprises such as Nichia, OSRAM and Philips. At the same time, for the domestic lamp market, due to the relatively stable supply system of vehicle enterprises, and the domestic automobile manufacturers are mainly joint ventures, foreign lamp enterprises occupy most of the market share

in addition, from the technical point of view, the heating of LED itself and the increase of ambient temperature have reduced the energy efficiency conversion rate of LED headlights, and the heat dissipation capacity has become the key to judge the maturity and quality of lamp products. The high-tech threshold of the front loading market will be the biggest risk for most LED packaging enterprises to enter the high-end market. Moreover, the influence of different models and brands on the gross profit margin of products varies greatly, which is an obstacle that all LED manufacturers entering the lamp market need to overcome

at present, only a few large international manufacturers are recognized by car manufacturers in the field of headlights. At present, the main market of domestic and Taiwan LED manufacturers is still automotive taillights and interior lights, such as mechanical Xing energy experimental light such as instrument panel back twists and turns

although it is difficult to cross the threshold of technology and market access, many domestic led enterprises are also facing the difficulties and trying to break this monopoly. Nowadays, Xingyu shares, Hongli Zhihui, Feile sound, xuelaite and other enterprises have successfully entered the lamp market, and packaging manufacturers such as Jingke electronics, Jingrui optoelectronics, Yimei core light, Ruifeng optoelectronics have gradually set foot in the automotive lighting market

it is noted that Jinke electronics first launched its self-developed automotive LED series products at the autumn Canton Fair last year, which attracted widespread attention in the industry. In March this year, the products will be officially introduced to the market, including the full range of automotive LED products of LED headlights, led interior lamps, led fog lamps and LED tail lamps, said the 23-year-old Slater

although he was a later pioneer in the lamp market, Jingke electronics made every effort to carry out all-round strategic deployment. In terms of patents, Jingke electronics, through cooperation with the strategic shareholder Jingyuan optoelectronics, shares its relevant patents in the field of LED lamps, and supports Jingke's lamp products to be sold to the global market. "This is an advantage that no domestic LED packaging company or lamp company has." Heguiping, manager of Jingke electronic products, said

in terms of channels, Jinke Electronics will cooperate with application end automobile manufacturers. Jinke will give full play to its technical advantages in the field of LED lighting, while automobile manufacturers will give full play to the advantages of market and channels to jointly develop and produce automotive lighting products. While other LED packaging enterprises generally cooperate with led vehicle lighting enterprises first, and then import them to the vehicle factory, which has a long cycle and low success rate

in terms of technical support, Jingke has set up a research and development team of senior technical engineers with dozens of working experience in large international lamp manufacturers, and carried out technical cooperation with Hong Kong University of science and technology and Taiwan University to lay out the most cutting-edge LED lamp technology

the comprehensive layout provides Jingke with a solid foundation and strong support in the lamp market. "It should be emphasized that led high-power chip is the core component of LED automotive lighting, and it is also the weakness of the domestic chip industry." Heguiping, manager of Jingke electronic products, pointed out pointedly

in the chip field, the unique flip chip hv-led module of Jinke Electronics will highlight its advantages in the LED automotive lighting market. At the same time, flip chip high-power LED chip products, one of the core technologies of Jingke, have the advantages of low voltage, high brightness, high swing bar misalignment, vertical marking reliability, high saturation current density and easy to realize large size and high power when users operate according to the above steps. Their application in the field of automotive lighting will have a far-reaching impact on the development and competition pattern of this market

compared with OSRAM and other large international manufacturers, Jinke electronics has cost advantages; Compared with domestic LED manufacturers, Jinke electronics has core flip chip technology advantages. Moreover, Jingke's high-quality product research and development ability, a lot of experience in serving large companies at home and abroad, and rapid product response ability; Master the program design ability from chip design, production to packaging research and development, design to LB design, production to lamps, TV and other application fields, and have the layout advantage of the whole industry chain There is no doubt that Jingke has many advantages in entering the lamp market, and the dark horse is sharp

it is worth noting that automotive lamps involve many fields, such as mechanical structure, optics, heat and so on, and electronic technology plays an important role in lamps. This is the advantage of large international lamp manufacturers, and it is also an aspect that domestic manufacturers need to strengthen

at present, the main products of Jinke electronics in the automotive LED market include automotive signal lamps and headlights, and some of them use Jinke LED devices. In the future, Jinke Electronics will further develop internationally leading technologies and products in the field of automotive LED

"at the same time, Jingke will also establish its foundation in three aspects to break through the siege in the field of lamps," he Guiping further introduced that the first is to obtain the TS16949 certification required by the manufacturing factory; The second is to pass the specification of aec-q100/101/200 on the product side; Third, make the products pass iso26262 certification. "The certification itself is aimed at the verification of the whole vehicle, but if the manufacturer has obtained it in the automotive lighting product end, it will effectively increase its competitiveness."

10 years of hard work in the field of LED chips and packaged light sources has accumulated a huge market and strong funds for Jingke electronics. In the next decade, with the advantages of capital and technology, Jinke Electronics will focus on the high-tech semiconductor fields such as the third generation semiconductors and LED lamps. Since its establishment, Jingke electronics has always adhered to the independent R & D and innovation route, with outstanding core technology advantages. It has continuously improved its technology on the innovation road for more than ten years, from traditional formal installation to LED flip installation, from a single lighting source to intelligent lighting systems and services, and has always been committed to serving customers, academic institutions and all sectors of the industry through innovative technologies and applications

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