The hottest ECRM purple laser CTP settled in Ameri

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ECRM purple laser CTP settled in American newspaper group

American Ogden newspaper group will install 12 Mako newsmatic 250 plate making machines from ECRM company by the end of this year

ecrm's partner Southern has many customers who have bought our equipment. Lithopl also has all the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines. Ate (SLP) company will provide customers with services such as the installation, integration and technical support of these purple laser newspaper CTP plate making machines after the end of the holiday in October 1. It is understood that the maximum imaging size of this plate making machine is 635mm x 927mm, which can meet the production requirements of almost all single width newspaper printing machines

as a family business, Ogden press group is a diversified media company, which currently publishes 40 kinds of magazines, weeklies and other products if the fault comes from the internal open circuit or poor contact of the device

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