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Eden springs launched a series of green cups made of creative plant-based materials

Eden springs launched a series of green cups suitable for sub packaging hot and cold beverages

the new series of products includes three new types of green cups, namely, fully degradable paper cups, fully degradable corn starch PLA plastic cups and conical paper cups

fully degradable plant-based hot drink paper cups offer 8 oz. and 12 oz. capacity, and are available in single or double wall versions. The material comes from paper from sustainable sources and is lined with plant PLA plastic. These cups are suitable for all kinds of drinks, from coffee but in some cases less reproducible coffee, tea to hot chocolate and soup

at the same time, 7 oz corn starch based PLA plastic cups can be completely degraded, which is certified to be decomposed within 12 weeks under industrial degradation conditions

finally, the 4-ounce conical paper cup does not contain PE lining and can be recycled through traditional paper recycling technology

brian MacPherson, managing director of Eden springs UK, said: "the use of plant-based materials not only has the advantage of environmental protection after use, but also significantly reduces the energy used in the production process and the greenhouse gases produced.

"Plant based materials, such as corn starch, are a more sustainable choice for cup materials, because corn is a resource that can be produced and renewed regularly without harmful effects on the environment"

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