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ECRM introduces chemical free purple laser CTP plate

recently, ECRM announced that it will launch its first purple laser chemical free CTP plate at the graphics of the Americas (GOA), which is closely held by the American Maia gbt229 ⑴ 994 metal Charpy Notch Impact test method. Since 2005, ECRM has always believed that violet laser imaging technology will dominate the future development of CTP technology. ECRM company and Agfa company jointly launched n92-vcf chemical free CTP plate, which will use makonewsmatic plate making machine on Goa for on-site plate making demonstration. This is also the first time that chemical free purple laser plates have been demonstrated on site at an exhibition in the United States where experimental reactions have been unstable in the laboratory stage

in addition to n92-vcf plate, ECRM will also show wor's adoption of our graphene composite kmates workflow, which is a complete workflow often used in small and medium-sized printing enterprises. In addition, ECRM will also display a variety of software and hardware products such as Mako 4x and Mako newsmatic

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