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On June 4, the technical first-class warehouse receipt of PP Jinan testing machine factory was opened. The oil price fell sharply on Tuesday. Today, the opening of sinoplastics PP warehouse orders continued to rise by the limit. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0807 was closed at a limit price of 15567 yuan/ton at the opening. Many parties have an absolute advantage, and the trading atmosphere has been affected by the trading limit. The K-line chart shows that the inspection of the oil delivery valve body has received a straight line, and the position of the physical center of gravity continues to rise sharply compared with the previous trading day. KDJ refers to the narrowing of the high opening of the third line in China's plastic machinery market. MACD indicator red column height continues to rise

in terms of making it widely used in the spot market, the market hype atmosphere is not reduced, and the offer continues to rise. Traders are facing the crazy price rise of petrochemicals and the shutdown of some downstream factories. In addition to the hype, they begin to worry about the affordability of the market. In this regard, dialect believes that the gap between the current market price and the ex factory price has widened, and there is still a certain deal for the current high price supply due to the shortage of supply. The huge profit margin of traders is obviously a temporary phenomenon. This shows that the market can still bear the further increase of petrochemicals! I personally believe that as long as traders maintain rational inventory and do not blindly build warehouses and hoard goods, the market will remain optimistic in the short term with the rise in petrochemical prices

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