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Edgeconnex has built its first edge data center in Europe. Edgeconnex, a data center service provider that was not long established, has launched more than 20 so-called edge data centers across the United States in the past two years, and has begun to enter Europe, announcing the launch of a data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

the company has investors and customers such as Cox communications and Comcast, and has migrated from the main data center market in the United States to the second-line data center market, including withdrawal from New York, Northern Virginia, Silicon Valley and other markets. The company provides data center capacity for video companies and cloud service providers, and saves a lot of costs. These vendors provide their customers with locally cached data

edgeconnex has expanded the edge of interconnection by attracting content providers and local Internet service providers to provide content for its local primary user data center, which has the longest delay in the history of this report. Other manufacturers, such as vxchnge, are also looking for similar opportunities, although its speed and scale are not as large as edgeconnex

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is not a sample fracture. One edge of the data center market is always broken on both sides. It is one of the most important interconnection hubs in Europe and the world, but edgeconnex's construction of a data center in Amsterdam is the first step in its European expansion. The company said its next step in Europe is to expand into Ireland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany and the UK

the data center in Amsterdam will be our first edge data center in Europe. We hope to replicate the American model overseas and provide a highly distributed data center architecture at the edge of interconnection. Clint Hayden, chief commercial officer of edgeconnex, said in a statement that we are very pleased to see that on February 26, we will implement our strategy together with Europe's leading broadband and Internet service providers. Our data high-speed rotating friction and wear testing machine center at the edge of Amsterdam is a collaborative ecosystem, which is the first step for our business model to benefit the entire European data center market

after a year and a half of rapid expansion in the United States, edgeconnex slowed down the deployment of its data center. Edgeconnex said that it opened and operated 20 data centers in 2015, most of which were built in 2014

according to the recently released news, edgeconnex has opened and operated 23 data centers in the United States

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