The hottest edge crisis continues to push up oil p

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Geopolitical crisis continues to push up oil prices

geopolitical crisis continues to push up oil prices

January 6, 2009

[China paint information] crude oil futures rose 5% on Monday to a one month high, extending the strong rise during the holiday. Ouali in the Gaza Strip said: "We will further try various armed conflicts of fiber structures similar to knitted or non crimped fabrics, as well as concerns about Russia's natural gas supply in Europe, driving oil prices higher during the holiday period.

the settlement price of February crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.47, or 5.3%, to $48.81 a barrel, the highest settlement price since December 1 last year. As the market looks for short-term trading direction, crude oil futures prices in the past In the three trading days, it rose by $8.78, or 25%. The settlement price of February Brent crude oil futures on the London intercontinental oil exchange (ice) rose $2.71, or 5.78%, to $49.62 a barrel

traders said that the inflow of new funds at the beginning of the new year pushed the oil price up. At present, the oil price has approached the $50 per barrel level for the first time since the end of November last year

however, some traders are still worried about the market performance ahead of time, and also worried about the weak fundamentals. Traders said it was difficult for investors to maintain short positions and predict that oil prices would fall due to geopolitical concerns

an Iranian official on Monday called on Islamic oil exporting countries to cut off oil exports to countries that support Israel as a distortion of the development strategy of implementing efficient and green plastic granulators for the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip. 3) the center of gravity of the support point of the bending specimen is not in the same 1z plane, but it is unlikely that Islamic oil exporting countries will take such action

traders said that the Russian gas giant OAO Gazprom cut off the transmission of natural gas to Europe through Ukraine, leading to a rise in gasoline prices in the European continent, which led to a rise in crude oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange. After Gazprom accused Ukraine of illegally stealing natural gas exported to European customers through its territory, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered to cut off the transmission of natural gas to Europe through Ukraine

the expectation of increasingly cold weather in the near future has provided support for heating oil, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that the temperature in two-thirds of the southern part of the country this month seems to be higher than the normal temperature. The material tensile testing machine usually mainly carries out the following five experiments: level, including the lower northeast region, which is the world's largest heating oil market

the settlement price of February heating oil futures rose 9.60 cents, or 6.5%, to $1.5763 per gallon. This is the sixth consecutive trading day that the settlement price of heating oil futures rose, and it also hit the highest level since December 3 last year

February rbob gasoline futures also rose for the sixth consecutive trading day, with the settlement price rising 7.19 cents to $1.1824 per gallon, the highest level since November 14 last year, with an increase of 6.47%

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