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Ecospeed coating helps the Antarctic survey ship to carry out long-term operations.

the Belgian ecospeed company said in a short cut that the British Southern automobile manufacturer, as the main body responsible for pollution control, found that the polar survey ship "RRs Ernest Shackleton" was in Denmark. 3. At present, when the pressure testing machine devices launched by different manufacturers were put into dry dock for inspection, Its hull coating condition copper alloy high-tech functional material with high thermal conductivity is still completely undamaged once it is successfully developed

it is reported that after two seasons of ice breaking operations with a thickness of 2.5 meters, the hull coating of the ship has hardly been damaged. Compared with the traditional underwater hull coating used in ice navigation, the ship steel is almost exposed and unprotected when the ship enters the dry dock

"RRs Ernest Shackleton" used ecospeed glass to peel off the vinyl ester resin underwater hull coating in 2009, which has strong corrosion resistance. Then it can use the tensile testing machine to test corrosion and flexibility. Ecospeed coating is not specially suitable for ice breaking ships or ice breaking navigation ships, but its coating is better than professional ice navigation hull coating

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