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Korenix products and Industry Solutions Seminar - korenix is the leading brand for the best option of industrial networking and communication calculators in the registration of Shanghai market, The "korenix products and Industry Solutions Seminar" will be held at Jianguo Hotel in Shanghai on December 22. For the sharing of industrial system integrators - the 6-in-1 network communication calculation of global innovative technology patents timely meets the quality needs of customers, and provides the best solution for simplifying industrial applications. And share korenix's research in industrial Ethernet ring redundancy technology and the application of the latest network management software and its value-added benefits

in addition, when the global security concept is heating up with the gb3960 (83) plastic sliding friction and wear test method, it is also where the potential business opportunities lie. The open, safe and reliable korenix products are used in various security monitoring market fields. Adhering to continuous professionalism and innovation, korenix, the best option for industrial networking with innovative thinking, not only provides you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, but also is willing to become your best partner in industrial applications

the whole process of the seminar is free and award-winning Q & A is provided. Please sign up as soon as possible and sincerely welcome to share unlimited industrial opportunities with you

agenda and often ask what is the difference between digital display and microcomputer control:

the latest product catalogue of korenix is welcome to download or call for it

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