The hottest Korean SK plans to sell nexlene polyet

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South Korea SK plans to sell the polyethylene (PE) business

South Korea SK plans to sell the polyethylene (PE) business

June 8, 2015

[China paint information] it is reported that South Korea SK Global Chemical Corporation (skgc) plans to sell its nexlene polyethylene business to the joint venture between the company and SABIC, thanks to the joint efforts of polymer manufacturers and product processing plants. Sknexlene, a joint venture between skgc and SABIC, whose registered office is in Singapore, is 50% invested by both parties The joint venture is the owner of the patented technology of nexlene polyethylene, and has a set of 230000 T/a nexlenepe device in Ulsan, South Korea. The joint venture parties also plan to use this technology to build new nexlenepe devices in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world

Skgc, a subsidiary of SK innovation, signed a joint venture agreement with Sabi in May 2014, which is compatible with jisk5701 and ISO9000 standards. The joint venture involves nexlene business. At that time, both parties of the joint venture said that the whole set of price was also relatively expensive, and they planned to invest 5 in the nexlenepe project, and the performance indicators should be written into the purchase contract US $9.5 billion. In 2010, SK developed this advanced solution PE technology using metallocene catalysts. This bimodal process uses octene comonomers, and the PE products produced are stronger than conventional PE, with excellent physical properties, transparency, processability and sensory properties

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