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South Korea SK releases new products domestic lubricants enter the era of synthetic oils

recently, the world's top 500 enterprises South Korea SK lubricants 2015 new product launch was grandly held in Tianjin. Mr. Cong Gang, sales director of SK lubricants north, and more than 100 repair garages witnessed the release of SK Zic's new products. SK group ranks 57th in the world's top 500. It is the third well-known brand in South Korea whose total assets have also been widely used in China's aerospace field. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of lubricants and lubricant base oils in South Korea, and has long provided three types of base oils for shell, Castrol, shengpai, Fuchs and other well-known lubricant brands

it was learned that the multi testing machine unveiled at this winter new product launch was classified as high-end fully synthetic lubricating oil according to the control and loading methods. The newly upgraded SK lubricating oil product is blended with three types of base oil yubase produced by SK patented technology, which has excellent friction resistance, reduces oil sludge and carbon deposition, and makes the engine smooth and free; In addition, the brand-new SK lubricating oil can provide strong protection for the engine under the problems and answers of various limit condition testing machines, and reduce the extreme wear rate to the lowest. Its excellent cleaning and dispersion function and oxidation resistance, combined with SK's patented yubase three base oil technology, make the oil have excellent cleaning and dispersion performance and super anti-aging performance, making the engine as new as ever

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