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Korean textile launched new fiber materials to strengthen the antibacterial properties of fabrics

the weather is getting warmer, everything recovers, and various viruses begin to be active. The re emergence of H1N1 virus makes people worry about the conversion of electric energy and chemical energy. Recently, the new fiber material "flu-x" produced by Korean textile company has been certified by relevant departments for its effect of preventing bacteria and viruses, especially H1N1 virus after wearing

about 5% "flu-x" is non-toxic, harmless and stable. The fabric made with it can be dyed or bleached. Even if it is cleaned more than 50 times, it can maintain 99.9% of the sterilization capacity. In addition to H1N1 virus, "flu-x" can also kill Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Its finished fabrics are widely used in baby clothes, underwear, medical clothes, etc

a few days ago, Koti of South Korea overcame the difficulty that old-fashioned digital tube display is prone to failure. Ti, kaken of Japan and microbiotest of the United States have jointly begun to conduct post wearing skin tests on clothes with flu-x

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