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The South Korean team has developed a new environmentally friendly hydrogen preparation technology

the Korean Academy of science and technology announced that the fuel cell research center of the academy has developed a new technology for environmentally friendly hydrogen preparation. The research results were published in the international academic journal Applied Catalysis b: environmental

as an important solution to global climate change, countries around the world pay more and more attention to hydrogen fueled vehicles. At present, most hydrogen fuels are produced from fossil fuels such as natural gas, with high pollution. The existing process technology is to physically smear the powder. Do you think the machine is cheap and reliable? In this process, a large amount of catalyst (1-5mg/cm2) needs to be used, and the coating must be made to ensure that our mixed parts are an example of protective film. Through electrolytes, the research team developed an electrode technology that can coat iridium oxide on porous metal support. This technology has strong electrochemical hydrogen preparation ability and durability, can reduce the use of catalyst and simplify the electrode production process, and has market price competitiveness

by adjusting the electrolyte separation conditions, the research group can control the fine structure of iridium oxide and determine the conditions for the uniform formation of trace iridium oxide. By making a hydropower decomposition device, high-quality hydrogen was produced in about 20 minutes after the temperature of a small amount of precious metal (0.4mg/cm2) reached, and it was confirmed that the iridium oxide layer can be used as the protective film of porous metal support under the condition of hydropower decomposition

the research group said that the electrolyte iridium oxide catalyst developed this time heard that the number of aircraft parts used for 3D printing is less than 15, and the protective film technology has the dual effects of anti-corrosion and improving reaction efficiency, which has provided help for the research and development of hydrogen fuel and renewable energy technologies

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