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On the eve, the development of high-speed rail cannot be separated from the progress of machine tools

there are too many close links between the machine tool industry and railway construction, whether it is the machinery of production equipment or processed parts. For the machine tool industry, it is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry, the machine tool of the equipment manufacturing industry, the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production means of the equipment industry. It is widely used in railway locomotive, automobile, engineering machinery, electric power equipment and other industries. In fact, the industrial upgrading of each sub industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry cannot be separated from the support of the machine tool industry, which is an important pillar industry that cannot be easily abandoned in the economic development strategy

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the total investment in national railway construction reached 1.25 trillion yuan, while the investment in railway construction in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" reached 3 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.4 times over the investment in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". It can be seen that the high-speed railway will be the main driving growth point of the machinery industry in the future. The national investment in the high-speed railway field will be sustained and stable in the next three to five years. The growth rate of the demand for high-speed railway equipment will be maintained at about 30%, and the machine tool industry is the most obvious beneficiary

since the new year's day of 2011, the share prices of listed companies related to high-speed railway equipment have continued to soar, with outstanding market performance. The average increase in January was as high as 21.05%. It has been heard for a long time that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry represented by high-speed rail equipment is listed as one of the strategic emerging industries that accelerate the cultivation and development and require the manufacturing of non-magnetic materials, and the related thematic investment will continue to be pursued by the capital market. After the general rise of high-end manufacturing industries such as high-speed rail, marine engineering and aviation, the high-end machine tool industry, which is also included in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, is also naturally favored by the capital market

however, the statement that the city gate fire affected Chiyu was also immediately reflected to these related enterprises with the occurrence of the Wenzhou bullet train accident. Benefiting from the vigorous development of the high-speed railway industry by the state, Jinyi industry, as the only enterprise in China that can participate in the bidding of high-speed railway fasteners, is also the only enterprise with the ability to manufacture a full range of high-speed railway fasteners. The high-speed railway fasteners produced account for 24% - 25% of the bidding share of the Ministry of railways. After the accident, Jinyi industrial stock market continued to fall. Although a similar announcement was issued by the company to clarify that the power equipment products provided by the company for the railway operated stably without any quality problems, which had nothing to do with the rear end collision accident of the bullet train, it was still inevitably pushed to the forefront. Of course, most machine tool enterprises that are not closely related to high-speed rail have not been affected much, and they are still operating normally

as one of the important sub industries in the machinery industry, the machine tool industry is mainly used in the front end of the manufacturing industry, which will significantly benefit from economic growth and industrial upgrading. Generally speaking, when the downstream industry just began to recover, the demand for machine tools was relatively small; The demand for machine tools began to expand when the downstream prosperity increased rapidly and the production capacity expanded rapidly. This experimental machine is mainly used for the release of fatigue inspection working mode of electrified railway catenary parts. Therefore, machine tools belong to the post cyclical industry relative to the downstream industry. But from the opposite point of view, when the prosperity of the downstream industry declines, the downstream industry rapidly shrinks capital expenditure, and the demand for machine tools declines earlier than the downstream industry. The preparation of cellulose plastics is based on natural high molecular compounds such as cellulose or cellulose derivatives in the above plants. Historical data also shows that the growth of the machine tool industry is obviously driven by industrial production and lags behind industrial production

the author learned from the China Machinery Industry Federation that the development goal of the machine tool industry in the 12th Five Year Plan has been clear: to make a solid step towards becoming a powerful country in machine tools, the industrial structure has been significantly improved, and the product structure has been significantly improved. 80% of the varieties of domestic machine tools meet the needs of domestic engineering projects, and the market share of CNC machine tools has increased significantly, reaching more than 70%

with the release of industrial upgrading demand and the introduction of a series of favorable policies such as the "revitalization plan for equipment manufacturing industry", the machine tool industry will have unprecedented growth space. BASF in China is committed to helping customers achieve sustainable development with various advanced solutions. At present, it is in the middle and late stage of industrialization. From the perspective of international historical experience, the most important feature of this stage is that the upgrading and transformation of manufacturing equipment is accelerated, and the proportion of enterprise equipment investment in fixed asset investment is gradually increased. On the other hand, from the perspective of international comparison, the scale of China's machine tool industry is still relatively small compared with the downstream industry. As the mother machine of the equipment manufacturing industry, the scale of the machine tool industry in Japan, Germany and other developed countries is not smaller than the scale of downstream industries such as construction machinery and heavy machinery. In 2008, the sales revenue of China's machine tool industry was only 37% of the construction machinery industry and 20% of the heavy machinery industry, This scale is difficult to meet the needs of the great development of the equipment manufacturing industry, so there is still a lot of room for the future growth of the machine tool industry

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