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Talking about the evolution of YP double end bottle washing machine

yp524 double end bottle washing machine was a product digested, absorbed and manufactured by Hefei Light Industrial Machinery Factory (now transformed into Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.) in the early 1980s by introducing the technology of Mitsubishi company of Japan. At that time, many domestic breweries had purchased and used it. In the process of use, each brewery believes that its model is unique, its structure is advanced, its bottle breaking rate is low, and its cleaning rate is high. In particular, the washing inside the bottle is very good, but there is not enough except for the label, and the bottle has the phenomenon of hanging the label after coming out of the bottle washing machine, which led some breweries to choose the single end bottle washing machine later. In the long-term use of yp524 bottle washing machine, Yanjing Beer No. 1 branch has carried out several technical transformations, making its performance significantly better than other bottle washing machines used by the company. Relevant leaders at all levels, operation and maintenance personnel fully feel that this kind of bottle washing machine has its unique advantages in terms of production efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, as well as operation and maintenance. In order to meet the needs of production development, the branch agreed that it was necessary to purchase this kind of double ended bottle washing machine. After extensive market research and demonstration, and many comprehensive technical discussions and research with the manufacturer Hefei Zhongchen company, Hefei Zhongchen company manufactured a new yp624 double ended bottle washing machine in 2004. Technical transformation of yp524 bottle washing machine since 1989, yp524 double ended beer bottle washing machine has been used in some production lines of Yanjing Beer No. 1 branch. In the market environment at that time, washing beer recycling bottles had irreplaceable advantages over other equipment. However, with the continuous development and changes of the beer market, the types of wine bottles, label papers and adhesives are increasing, especially the emergence of the current head label aluminum foil paper, which puts forward new and higher requirements for bottle washing equipment and technology. In the long-term use of a variety of bottle washing machines, we believe that yp524 double end bottle washing machine can better meet the washing requirements of beer recycling bottles. Therefore, we have discussed and studied with the manufacturer of the bottle washing machine, and timely made a series of technical improvements to the bottle washing machine. The first is the improvement of the standard removal technology. The difference between the travel value of the lower fixture of the drum filtration inspection in the original third tank and the straight steel ruler is completely improved. The spray flow of the standard removal washing liquid is increased, and the original bottle is sprayed and flushed off the standard in the alkali liquid, but the bottle is sprayed and flushed off the standard on the liquid surface, so that the bottle with the standard paper removed cannot bring the suspended standard paper in the alkali liquid to the next soaking tank, and the standard removal is more thorough. The second is the technical improvement of the bottle carrier. The bottle carrier and the bottle chain are assembled by overlapping, which makes the disassembly and maintenance more convenient and fast. The bottle carrier box is made of deep drawing and punching cold-rolled sheet as a whole. Its structural design is novel and unique, which is more conducive to the omni-directional and more thorough label removal and washing of bottles. The bottle holder splint is pressed and formed with high-quality steel plate, so that the rigidity of the bottle holder is strengthened, and the new bottle holder is greatly enhanced both in use effect and service life. In addition, some effective adjustments have been made to the bottle washing process. As we all know, the emergence of aluminum foil paper head marks has brought new topics to the bottle washing equipment. The research team, together with Liu Zhaoping's team and Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd., cooperatively and innovatively developed the graphene composite powder and slurry process for heavy corrosion protection and environmental protection. The chemical reaction between the aluminum foil paper and the caustic soda in the washing solution generates salt, hydrogen and water, which consumes a lot of alkali in the washing solution and reduces the washing effect of the washing solution. The bigger problem is that these salt components are brought to the next tank with the bottle carrier and bottle wall, which accelerates the pollution of the washing solution of the follow-up tank. Even if the follow-up tank is supplemented with lye, its effect is not significant. Frequent replenishment of lye or replacement of tank liquid is a great waste, which also increases the burden of sewage treatment. Facing these problems, yp524 bottle washing machine shows its unique advantages: five washing solution soaking tanks and three circulating water tanks, which brings great convenience to the adjustment of bottle washing process. First of all, the bottle is pre washed with recycled circulating water before entering the soaking tank. The powerful bottle E. graph curve scale is automatically optimized. Auto scale internal and external spray flushing removes plastic straws, floating dust, mud and sand and other sundries. At the same time, the bottle is also preheated and heated, which greatly reduces the pollution and consumption of washing solution in subsequent tanks. Secondly, appropriately increase the temperature and concentration of the washing solution in the first soaking tank, which is mainly used for rapid reaction to remove the turn around aluminum foil paper, reduce the concentration of the washing solution in the second soaking tank, and is mainly used to dilute the salt components on the bottle carrier components and bottle wall, reduce the pollution of the rear tank solution, greatly improve the bottle washing efficiency, and extend the replacement cycle of the washing solution, It not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also reduces the burden of sewage treatment. Press the print key and the experimental data will start printing. In addition, remove most of the bottles with head marks, and then soak them in three, four and five tanks continuously. When passing through each soaking tank, the washing solution in the bottle is changed once, so that the stolen goods inside and outside the bottle are fully softened and reacted. When passing through the third tank, conduct one off label flushing and six row alkali liquor bottle tracking flushing. When passing through the fifth tank (clean water tank), dilute the lye and rinse it again to completely remove the dirt inside and outside the bottle. Finally, the bottle enters the comprehensive internal and external cleaning, washing and disinfection, including two rows of secondary circulating water, four rows of primary circulating water, two rows of follow-up washing in the bottle of new water, plus four fixed washing outside the bottle, so that the inside and outside of the bottle are fully washed and disinfected, and the bottle is automatically discharged by the bottle discharging device after being fully drained. Through years of improvement and use, the alkali consumption of yp524 bottle washer is significantly lower than that of single end bottle washer. The improved yp524a double end bottle washing machine can better meet the increasingly complex washing requirements of beer recycling bottles, and its production capacity is 20000 bottles/hour. The cleaning rate and de labeling rate are more than 99%, and the bottle breaking rate is far lower than 3% of the industry standard. Yp624 bottle washing machine introduction yp624 double end bottle washing machine has made some technical improvements and enhancements in the washing head mark and label removal. It has a variety of advanced functions, and its bottle washing process adjustment is more convenient and flexible. 1. Structural improvement. On the basis of yp524a bottle washing machine, yp624 bottle washing machine mainly adds a soaking tank, and the de marking device, transmission system and pipeline system have also been adjusted and optimized accordingly. 624 bottle washing process. After pre washing, the bottle needs to be continuously soaked in six tanks of washing liquid. The functions of the first, second and third tanks are basically the same as those of the first and second tanks of yp524a. In the third tank, a washing in addition to the standard is added to remove most of the label paper and dirt outside the bottle. When passing through the fourth tank, the label removal washing and the tracking washing in the six row lye bottle are carried out. After alkali cleaning, the bottle will enter the clean water tank (the sixth tank) for alkali dilution and another de labeling washing, so as to completely remove the dirt inside and outside the bottle, and finally enter the comprehensive internal and external cleaning, washing and disinfection. 3. Further save energy and reduce consumption. There are six washing solution soaking tanks and a three-way de labeling system, which provides flexibility for different bottle washing processes under different production conditions, and it is extremely convenient to adjust. Because of the buffer of the third tank, the head standard reactant basically stays in the first three tanks, and the volume of the third tank is small, with less alkali change each time. Therefore, yp624 bottle washing machine further reduces the consumption of washing liquid and reduces the pollution to the environment caused by a large number of emissions. Its temperature curve is also more gentle, and the chance of breaking the bottle is smaller. 4. Performance summary. The production capacity of yp624 bottle washing machine is 24000 bottles/hour. After nearly one year of use and testing, it is found that its cleaning rate, standard removal rate, bottle breakage rate and other indicators are significantly better than the industry standards, and also exceed our expected requirements. It can better adapt to and meet the needs of production development, and is worth promoting and using comprehensively. [Xinyi]

source: Huaxia Wine News

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