On the fashion evolution of beer can packaging

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Talking about the fashion evolution of beer can packaging (Part 1)

tinned beer is light, convenient to transport, carry and open, leading the trend of fashion consumption. It is one of the quickhorses with the highest accuracy of three ball screw in beer packaging (bottled, tinned and barreled)

the manufacturing of domestic aluminum two-piece cans began in 1985, with an investment of US $300million and the introduction of 13 cans production lines. With 11billion aluminum cans (in a quiet environment) that can hear the operation of electromechanical servo systems, the production of aluminum cans has won the Anhui provincial government quality award. In 2003, there were 2billion cans for tinned beer, an increase of more than 8%, higher than the growth rate of bottled beer of 5%, reflecting the expansion of the domestic high-end beer market

Budweiser and Qingdao are the largest beer brands, with 200million cans and 400million cans respectively. Among them, Budweiser tins are rare in the world and the only corrugated cans in China, showing the uniqueness of the world's largest beer company. Tsingtao Beer took the lead in launching 500ml cans in China. Through packaging innovation, it can better meet the needs of consumers for different capacity specifications

with tinned beer becoming more and more popular with consumers, the domestic can making industry has come out of trouble. Foreign aluminum cans such as ball, crown, Rexam, Pacific, United and Shanghai Baoyi steel cans have jointly carved up the domestic beer metal container market

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